“Don’t Wanna” by Modernlove.

From Ireland come the uber-talented guys of Modernlove. with their fantastic and distinct blend of pop and rock in the shape and form of “Don’t Wanna”. With this stunningly captivating and raw union of melodies and lyrics, they explore the ups and downs of friendships and relationship and what happens when they star to mesh. The track is unique in the way it offers a catchy and absolutely appealing sound while caressing our senses with thoughtful storytelling.

There’s something about this track that not only makes it an absolute future fan favorite but also serves to open the door and invite anyone else into their sonic realm. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet magic and honest touch of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Ireland

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“Don’t Wanna is a song about desire. We’ve all had that weird feeling at some point where you can’t decide whether you might be kinda into one of your close mates… It touches on the difficulty of navigating friendships and relationships as a young person when such passionate feelings and sex are involved. We wanted to capture that excitement in the sonics as well, it’s definitely one of our poppiest tunes but still got that rocky edge to it.”


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