“Hide Behind My Teeth” by RUNAH

From Ireland come RUNAH and Urchin to join forces and give life to this remix rendition of “Hide Behind My Teeth”. With this exquisite new take, they add a welcome touch of ethereal magic making the track so haunting and intoxicating from start to end. The verses flow with ease, caressing our senses and connecting with each other as the soundscape unfolds and become one with the airwaves that surround us. There’s something about this track that is so just quite magnetic and absolutely stunning from star to end, making it a truly memorable and one of a kind experience.

This remix understood the feelings and emotions that are part of these lyrics, and perfectly managed to enhance them. So listen closely and fall prey to the soundscape of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy “Hide Behind My Teeth”!

Location: Ireland

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“HBMT is all about drowning out your own thoughts with the incessant opinions of others; scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. It’s right in the middle of an album, or what I think of as being, in depths of the human experience. That entire section of the album, to me,  symbolizes the chaos of feeling, thinking and moving through our lives.” 


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