“Last Call” by Jamie Miller

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Jamie Miller with the nostalgic and mesmerizing sonic tale that is “Last Call”. With this exquisite and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores that sweet magic that lies in knowing that you matter and are special to someone else. The track embraces the fact that now you are that first thought that comes to mind, that meaning behind the heart beating a little faster and the easies to make him/her/they smile. The soundscape unfolds with such warmth and hypnotizing touch, that you can’t help but want and need more and more of it.

So listen, see and fall prey to the sweet flavor of this magnificent musical ambrosia. Enjoy the ride that awaits within this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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“I wrote Last Call at a time when I was so happy and in love and wanting to capture the feeling of being someone’s last call and first call. I wanted it to feel nostalgic, with the thrill of both wanting someone and being wanted back by that same person.”

Jamie Miller

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