“Strange Times” by Blonde Diamond

From Canada comes the absolutely fantastic indie band Blonde Diamond with their latest, say hello to “Strange Times”. With this unique sonic and visual creation, they pull us into this strange yet magnetic world almost instantly after you press play, There’s something about the way in which the melodies and lyrics come together and become one that connects the dots for our imagination to explore. They embrace the magic of pop and rock and give us something quite special and unlike anything else out there.

This soundscape has it all to caress our senses and offer us a chance to escape from the confines of our mundane reality. So listen closely and open your eyes for this track has everything to be a contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“Lyrically, the song ‘Strange Times’ takes place in a fantastical parallel universe, so it only made sense that the video should represent that. We chose to use a bright and dreamy palette to provide a luxurious backdrop for our characters to obliviously dance away on. As it becomes clear through elements of foreshadowing that there is a clear impending doom, we ignore the signs and carry on.

In the background as we see chaos and destruction unfold, we try to keep the dream alive until we become swallowed and it reveals that the universe goes on without us, unaffected. Strange times indeed.”

Alexis Young of Blonde Diamond

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