“I Dare You” by ROE

Form Ireland comes the always amazing and talented indie singer/songwriter ROE with her latest creation, say hello to “I Dare You”. With this stunning and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she invites to see beyond the glitz and the glamour and learn about the ups and down of this adventure called music. She opens up to us and tells a story so personal and so real that while unique, manages to pull us in from the very first second after you press play.

The track embraces and the necessary balance of feelings and emotions to make it feel hypnotizing and truly raw and fantastic. So listen closely and enter this realm that she has crafted with such care and sweet magic. Enjoy the magic that awaits within this contemporary must-listen gem.

Location: Ireland

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“The inevitable drives between shows and home are so ridiculous and difficult and new every time. Staying awake so nobody drives alone and the inescapable stop at the closest McD’s are constant but so much happens in that space. This song is about every unpredictable emotion that stems from adrenaline and exhaustion on the road and the parts of our lives as musicians that nobody ever gets to see..”


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