Meet Bryn

Canadian indie goddess Bryn is one of those rare talents blessed with not only a fantastic voice but the proper understanding of how to connected with all who listen. She embraces each track with a firm sense of the feelings and emotions required from her for the stories to come alive. She connects the dots with a mesmerizing touch that allows us all to simply fall down the rabbit holes to each world she has crafted and find places to call home within them. There’s no denying that she is a rare specimen among the music world and one deserving of so many more listeners than her social media reflects.

There’s a reason why she is among the first to be picked for this new section and once you hear any of her songs, this reason will be made clear to you. So listen closely to each and every track and fall in love with the voice, the storytelling and the aura of this fantastic artist. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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