“Old Times” by Tamu Massif

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Tamu Massif comes to with the nostalgic sonic creation that is “Old Times”. With this incredibly fantastic and well crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, he reminisces about times now gone yet still alive and important for him and in a way for all of us. The track flows with ease and immediately caresses our senses with a warm and inviting touch that is quite beautiful and welcoming. There’s something about this soundscape that just feels so poetic, so true and so perfectly human that you can’t help but need and want more and more of it.

So listen closely and fall prey to this sweet fire that makes this track so special and magical, immediately earning the label of must-listen gem. Let your imagination fly freely and enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Old Times is a song about being nostalgic for the past. It came together as a song pretty quickly; I wrote it in one sitting on my acoustic guitar. I leaned into the sad on this one.”

Tamu Massif

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