“Broken Armour” by Darla Jade

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie goddess Darla Jade with the inspiring sonic creation that is “Broken Armour”. With this stunning showcase of feelings and emotions, she showcases the fragile nature of the human spirit and how capable it is to get back up and push forward. The track is exquisite and flows with such a natural dose of magic, that one can’t help but be pulled it’s magnetic pull from the moment you press play. There’s something about the way in which the melodies and lyrics become one that make the soundscape not only quite amazing, but also quite inspiring.

She understood what she needed, and in a way what the world as a whole needed to find themselves once more. So listen closely and fall prey to the warmth and mesmerizing reality of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Broken Armour is a track that I wrote last year in lockdown over zoom with my producer Imad Salhi, as soon as we wrote it I knew I wanted to release it! It’s a little weird because we wrote the song and then a few months later I hit a few months where I was going through a lot emotionally, and this song really spoke to me more than it did when we first wrote it!”

Darla Jade

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