“Treasure Hunt” by Avro Arvo

From Australia comes the uber-talented indie artist Avro Arvo with the ethereal sonic adventure that is “Treasure Hunt”. With this refreshingly captivating and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics he transports us to a world that mixes the surreal with the palpable in a way that is quite stunning. There’s something about this track that offers each listener a chance to find peace and magic as it caresses our senses and plays with our imagination.

The soundscape unfolds quite nicely into the airwaves that surround us and feed us with a welcomed dose of that mesmerizing unknown that gives this musical ambrosia its distinct flavor. There’s truly something special about this track that easily allows it to earn the label of must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“A mixture of dreaming reality into existence, amongst reminiscent experiences, ‘Treasure Hunt’ explores the fine line between comfort and naivety when it comes to romance. The inquisitively thematic lyrics explore the mind of a person navigating an emotional connection, whilst acknowledging that it doesn’t matter what activity you are doing, as long it is with the person you want to be with.”

Avro Arvo

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