A Double Dose of … Estella Dawn

Uber-talented indie goddess Estella Dawn comes to us with such grace and fire that you can’t help but be hypnotized by her voice. There’s something about her that makes it quite hard to not feel a connection as her tracks flow with ease and tells stories so real and so raw. Her soundscapes unfold perfectly with the perfect dose of storytelling and raw emotions, making for truly unique experiences. For example, “Buzzcut” is so powerful and inspiring as it has everything to become an anthem for the modern woman. She embraces her own voice and strength and flips the script to paint a picture that is not only appealing but refreshingly magnetic from start to end.

“I think as a women, we tend to do this more than men – we are conditioned to believe we have to shrink, re-adjust and mold ourselves to satiate the male gaze. There are so many products telling us how we should look, feel and smell, and countless more movies and shows telling us how we should act and behave. In our quest to find this perfect partner I think we can often end up compromising a lot of what makes us unique and special.

I wanted to flip that narrative on its head with “Buzzcut”. This song is about holding your shape when embarking on a new relationship, an encouragement to “stay true to your own authentic flare.” To have someone be so enthralled with you that they would adjust themselves to better suit what they thought you wanted.” 

Estella Dawn

Location: USA

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And now… “Salt”

Continuing on the path of empowerment and finding the fire in her voice, she gives life to the exquisite soundscape of “Salt”. With this stunning track she embraces the reality of life and how sometimes some things are out of our control and we just need to roll with the punches. She understands this but does not take it as a reason to break but as a route for new found purpose and motivation. Her lyrical approach makes the subject feel so full of passion and honest emotions that easily find a home within us.

There’s no denying that Estella Dawn is bound to become a household name, so write down and keep in your chest because her music is moving and quite beautiful.

"... sometimes you just need to let tears flow and cleanse the things that you can’t control.” 

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