“Rich Kids Ruin Everything” by Mod Sun

Punk Rocker Mod Sun comes to Wolf in a Suit with a much needed contemporary anthem, say hello to “Rich Kids Ruin Everything”. With this exquisitely rebellious and in your face blend of melodies and lyrics, he invite us to explore what really matter and raise our voices. The track offers a very true recollection of what social media seems to be catering nowadays as it speaks of the constant quest for those damn 15 minutes of fame. He speaks his mind and along the way speaks it for us because honestly who hasn’t seen those posts/stories online that only serve as fake glorification of vanity and the excessiveness of money.

There’s no denying that his verses ring true and feel so spot on that you are sure to instantly sing along. There’s something quite mesmerizing and intoxicating hidden within this track that makes for one hell of a sonic adventure. So listen closely, open your eyes and fall prey to the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

“There’s more to this world than what’s currently popular. I want kids to feel like it’s important to be visionaries not followers. A shopping cart represents the perfect duality of consumerism and people with nothing.”

Mod Sun

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