“Tonight” by Joe & The Anchor

There’s something in Sweden that always manages to give wave for fantastic talent, say hello once more to Joe & The Anchor with “Tonight”. This is track that has been previously showcased in this site, but now I have the privilege to share the music video for this fantastic tale. With the visuals, the band adds to the experience and make it so much more powerful and raw as it grabs a hold of our hearts and souls. There’s something so melancholic, so romantic and wonderfully human about this blend of melodies and lyrics that y have crafted, that you can’t help but press play over and over again. The track is perfection from start to end and manages to give us a chance to be part of something special and sure to be everlasting. It is all so amazing, from the vocals to the instruments, it has it all to be a fan favorite and an absolute must-listen/must see gem.

Fun Fact: The band got extra creative and made this fantastic music video for an equally fantastic track.

Location: Sweden

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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