“Baby Teeth” by Dolores Forever

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie band Dolores Forever with their latest sonic creation, say hello to “Baby Teeth”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, they reminisce about their younger days and explore what being young can entail. The track embraces the false bravado and fragile insecurity that mixes so perfectly together inside all of us when young and delivers a tale sure to connect. The soundscape unfolds with ease, caressing our senses and speaking to our hearts and souls with words that ring true and so familiar. There’s something about this track, that feels so personal yet so universal as it perfectly speaks of the human experience and our earlier days. So listen closely and find a bit (or a lot) of you inside this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Baby Teeth is a message to our younger selves, who thought they knew nothing, and probably didn’t, but that’s OK. We still don’t really, but at least we’ve grown out of the painful urge to transform every aspect of our character to be liked. This is an ode to that cocktail of insecurity and bravado of youth, saying don’t worry so much, you’re just fine, go live your life and learn who you are.”

Dolores Forever

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