“This Is How My Voice Sounds” by Ferris & Sylvester

From the UK comes one of new favorites, say hello to Ferris & Sylvester and their latest sonic creation, “This is how my voice sounds”. With this stunning and absolutely mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics, they add a new chapter to their story within the music world . The track embraces our senses and pulls us with such sweet emotion and honest fire, that you can’t help but feel it yours as it comes alive from the moment you press play. There’s something about this track that feels quite inspiring and raw, allowing it to connect the dots and remind us of the power of music.

This soundscape is a memorable one that speaks to our hearts and souls, touching us gently and making us feel so alive. So listen, see and fall prey to the magic and welcomed escapism of “This is how my voice sounds”. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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‘This record is our story. It unravels all that we have come to know and understand about being human. The messy parts which we all share and experience, though often we keep them safe behind our armour.

Heart ache, rage, jealousy, loneliness and a need to be something more. Also, the wonderful parts, the things that shape us. Self knowledge, friendship, love, understanding, sacrifice. Our hope is this: you will feel connected, inspired maybe even empowered by our writing and will go forward with a new sense of courage and self belief.’

Ferris & Sylvester

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