“Math” by Belot

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie goddess Belot once more to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with the sonic creation that is “Math”. With this enticing and uniquely riveting soundscape, she tells a story so true and so raw. The track unfolds with an exquisite mix of melodies and lyrics that explore the idea of a relationship in a contemporary and youthful setting. The track is not meant to set a rule in place but to tell us what a relationship can be for someone else besides ourselves.

There’s something about it that feels quite mesmerizing from start to end, caressing your senses and playing with your imagination. So listen closely and fall prey once more to the sweet sonic magic provided by this fantastic artist. Enjoy the contemporary must-listen gem that is Belot‘s latest single!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Math is about the struggle of not wanting a serious relationship in your youth. You are entangled with this person and you care about them, but you just can’t find it in you, to settle down quite yet.”


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