“over you” by ear candy

From Germany comes the uber-talented up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter ear candy with his latest sonic creation, say hello to “over you”. With this honest and playfully inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a tale so real and so easy to connect from start to end. The track is youthful in its approach but still offers us all an invitation to find a reflection of our life adventures within it. There’s something about this soundscape that is so refreshing yet also so mesmerizing and captivating.

He offers our senses and imagination a place to call home and simply let go of all we now as it plays with happiness and sadness in an hypnotizing manner. So listen and embrace the unknown magic of this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“I wrote ‘over you’ when i was at a point where i kept falling for girls that i knew were no good for me. even though all the signs were there telling me they were just gonna lead me on, i still let myself fall. as soon as i showed too much interest they’d leave me hanging and it would be me having to get over someone i never really had again. the time when you are ‘together’ is really fun and i wanted to portray that musically with the bounciness but the lyrics show those sadder undertones.”

ear candy

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