“Fear” by Public Order

Welsh indie band Public Order come to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshingly rebellious sonic creation that is “Fear”. With this stunning and absolutely electrifying blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a welcome expose on modern reality and social media. The track embraces the truth that is now seen in the way people have started to see the value (and power) of some attached to the followers they have. There’s something about this soundscape that just grabs you by surprise and feeds with the most exquisite serving of musical ambrosia you’ll find out there. The track is an absolutely magnificent escape for our senses and imagination and simply gives us a chance to connect with a must-listen gem. So listen closely and find a reflection of the world within this stunning track. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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I think fear for us was all about raising the question on how people’s social media followings affected your overall outlook of a person. Like it’s crazy that a number on a profile can change your behaviour around said person. It’s all about being wrapped up in that world, and sort of losing sight of reality really. Mad how a number defines you and your status. It’s like everyone’s ‘famous’ nowadays.

Public Order

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