“Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies” by JUNG ft. LOVA

From Sweden come the uber-talented guys of JUNG with the company of LOVA and together they bring us “Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies”. With this exquisite and uniquely captivating soundscape, they invite us to explore the magic of their musical reality. The track serves as the perfect gateway drug to get you hooked into the honest feel of their music and lyricism. The way in which melodies and lyrics blend together makes the experience so much more gratifying and memorable as it connects the dots and pulls us in.

There’s no denying that this track is absolutely fantastic and is sure to make a fan out of all who listen. So pay attention and dive into the sweet escape provided by this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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“Writing this album has been our therapy. It gave us strength and purpose, which we hope transpires through the music. The title ‘Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies’ sums up the album in its entirety, and for us, it’s also a (positive) challenge –through all of the loss and grief that we bear, we still live on and continue to find meaning, happiness, and love”.


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