“Me & God” by Luke Sital-Singh

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Luke Sital-Singh with the introspective sonic creation that is “Me & God”. With this gentle and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he takes a look within and explores the meaning of religion and belief and how times you realize that it’s not for everyone. The track does not deliver any judgement but instead offers us all a chance to be part of something so personal yet so uniquely universal and inviting. The soundscape unfolds in a gentle and inviting manner, making sure we don’t feel pushed away but instead it aims to have a conversation with the listeners. So listen closely and pay attention for this track holds some magic and some truth that makes it an instant must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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I was brought up religious. I’ve long said goodbye to it, but I still find it interesting to write and think about. Do I believe? Should I believe? I’m an atheist, but there are many things I miss about those beliefs. It was cathartic to write.”  

Luke Sital-Singh

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