“White Lies” by Ocean Tisdall

Irish indie singer/songwriter Ocean Tisdall comes to Wolf in a Suit with his fantastic debut single, say hello to “White Lies”. With this stunning and instantly relatable recollection of moments in a relationship that was always bound to end, he gives life to an absolute must-listen gem. The track invites us with a gentle yet firm touch that exposes the reality of the feelings and emotions that transpired in this relationship that once was. Something about it just hits us a dose of truth and honesty that allows it to be so intoxicating and hypnotizing from start to end. There’s no denying that this track has it all to get us all hooked and pulled into the world that Ocean has started to craft. So listen and embrace the unique unknown magic of this contemporary masterpiece. Enjoy!

Location: Ireland

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White Lies is one of those records that just came out like word vomit!.I remember listening to Billie Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ for the first time whilst going through my own break up and being smacked in the face with an overwhelming sense of “F*ck I relate to these lyrics sooooo much”, especially because my ex had the most endearing blue eyes but was a sucker for those white lies. “

Ocean Tisdall

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