“Follow You” by modernlove.

From Ireland comes the uber-talented indie band modernlove. with this latest showcase of talent and honesty, say hello to “Follow You”. With this exquisitely crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the early stages of a relationship in which all you want is to be with that person all the time. The approach taken allows the track to feel so relatable and true as it caresses our senses and speaks to us in a way that is so real and so human. There’s no denying that this soundscape is fill with energy and warm vibes that invite us in and make the track an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to end.

The soundscape has something about it that simply connects the dots and lets our imagination fly freely as reminds us of the beauty of young love. So listen closely and dive into the fantastic reality that lies within this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Ireland

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“‘Follow You’ is a love song about the early stages of infatuation in a relationship. It’s about finding yourself in a relationship so intimate that spending each waking moment together still isn’t enough, hence the lyrics “when you fall asleep I’ll follow you”. 


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