“soju” by HOAX

Indie band HOAX is a personal favorite of mine and they never miss the mark in my opinion, and “soju” has everything to make a fan out of you my dear reader. The track is honest, relatable and uniquely poetic and charming allowing it to find a home within our hearts and souls from the moment you press play. The track flows with ease along the airwaves, caressing our senses and speaking to us with words so true and so real. There’s something about this experience that so mesmerizing and beautiful that you can’t help but need and want more and more of it as you finger moves on it’s own and presses play every time it ends.

There’s a welcomed dose of magic and escapism that allows the track to make you quiver and smile as it speaks to your heart and soul with a gentle warmth and hypnotizing touch. Enjoy the sweet flavor of the contemporary must-listen gem that is “soju”!

Location: USA

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“On the surface, “soju” might be best described to have an upbeat pop-centric sound, but the song itself is about dealing with death and reflecting on the notion that life sometimes feels like random moments in time that are out of your control. For most people, they wouldn’t know that I wrote “soju” from the perspective of his late grandfather and that 2021 was the year of loss for him.

The first verse and chorus of “soju” was written about the aftermath of loss and grief. We tend to feel completely helpless and achingly wish for one more moment with our loved ones, as we are overwhelmed by the struggle to go on through life feeling like the meaning is lost. Most of the lyrics in the first verse and chorus are reflections on how hopeless life feels when you lose someone, and how much the sky feels like it is falling in the wake of their death. Simply put, life becomes monochromatic.

The second half of the second verse is all about that idea to not lose love when you have lost a loved one, and rather to use the pain you experienced that has undoubtedly changed you – to love even deeper. Pain is more relatable to people than success; than happiness; than anything else we often experience. Our lives more often than not are our symbols of pain that we have synthesized through our coping methods into how we then choose to perceive the world. At its worst, we let it consume us and we create insecurities that eat us alive. At its best, our pain becomes lessons of growth and empathy that we can use to understand why it is so goddamn hard for all of us to be alive and human.

The takeaway message of the song? Make sure you find someone that you can give your all to, and then love them in your every waking moment – until their final breath. That’s what the bridge of “soju” is all about. How often can we regret the time we no longer have with someone who is gone? Savor every moment you get with someone who loves you, exist with them, and be with them. And though I hope that none of you will ever have to go on living without someone you love, knowing you were truly with them – and they were with you – is enough.”

Mike Raj of HOAX

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