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“You Know The Way” by Freedom Fry

Once again my favorite French-American duo is back to Wolf in a Suit and this time Freedom Fry inspire us with “You Know The Way”. With this fantastic and absolutely charming blend of melodies and lyrics, they give us a chance to fall in love with a folk masterpiece. The track serves as a way to let someone know that you trust them and that you have confidence in them reaching their goals in this adventure called life. The track flows with ease and instantly caresses our senses as it speaks to us in a way that puts a smile in our faces and seems to speak to us, as if we were their friend. There’s something about this soundscape that fills us with a much-needed dose of warmth and magic that not only makes it special but an instant must for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: USA / France

To listen on Spotify click HERE


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