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“Golden” by Ferris & Sylvester

From the UK come the uber-talented Ferris & Sylvester with the fantastic sonic creation that is “Golden”. With this exquisite and well-crafted showcase of feelings and emotions that aim to caress our senses and inspire our souls, they give us life and freedom. The soundscape unfolds quite perfectly and becomes one with the magic that resides in life and finds a way to speak to us with words that make a home out our hearts. There’s something about the combination of vocals that gives all music lovers a chance to see themselves reflected in this tale they are telling. The embrace their own ups and downs with life and music and in that insightful exploration, they find they perfect recipe for connection with us all. So listen closely and open up your eyes because this track is a must and there’s no denying that fact. Enjoy!

“Golden is a song for the dreamers. For those who are searching for something more and aren’t quite sure how to get there, but fight for it everyday despite the odds. We wrote this at a time of great uncertainty, asking ourselves where are we going? Has anyone else been here? Sometimes those big questions can cloud you, yet your dreams somehow find a way through the fog. We hope this speaks to people and inspires them to dig in and keep dreaming.”

Ferris & Sylvester

Location: United Kingdom

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