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“Somebody” by Sarpa Salpa

From the UK comes one of my favorite indie bands with a new single, say hello to Sarpa Salpa and their latest sonic creation, “Somebody”. With this stunning blend of pop and rock, the band gives life to a track that is sure to find a home among all who listen. The track speaks to us in a way that manages to feel so personal yet so universal as it paints a picture that is so human and so true. There’s something about this track that simply understands how to tell a story that explores the reality of relationships and friendships and how at times, sadly, they are not always meant to last. So listen closely and pay attention as the vivid nature of this soundscape comes alive and pulls you in. Enjoy the adventure that awaits within this contemporary must-listen gem.

“Somebody is a final goodbye to an old friend after 7 years together, it’s the summary of realisation that we weren’t meant to be and that we are both happier and better off where we are today. It’s a token of thanks and respect to what was as we both head down new paths and better lives. It’s also self reflective in my flaws in my past relationship and what I could’ve done better, what they deserved and simply weren’t getting. It’s my way of pushing her to find someone better than me and not lose confidence or faith in the world!”

Marcus Marooth of Sarpa Salpa

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Apple Music click HERE


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