“Rule The World” by Skott

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie goddess Skott with the stunning sonic creation that is “Rule The World”. With this one-of-a-kind blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us a chance to escape from the norm and find a place to call home within her voice. The track flows with ease, caressing our senses and pulling us gently yet with a grasp that is firm yet inviting. There’s something about this soundscape that embraces us with such warmth that we just fall prey to it’s sweet magic without any hesitation. She has crafted an absolute must-listen gem that offers us a different view of life, power and that many things that make the world go round. Enjoy!

To me this song is a she. The production is soft, subtle yet strong and effective. With only a few elements, the chorus still hits in some mysterious way, without any impact or buildups. It’s like She gently rolls into your brain without using any “worldly” physical force. The song is about a slightly different way of experiencing and exercising power.


Location: Sweden

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