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“Tennis Club” by Talltale

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Talltale comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating sonic creation that is “Tennis Club”. With this playful and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale so personal yet so refreshingly universal. The soundscape embraces the sweet honesty of the verses in a way that allows each one of us to find a reflection of our lives (whether present or past…or future). There’s no denying that this track is an absolutely fantastic adventure for your senses and imagination to simply explore and fall in love with from start to end. Plus, the visuals add a welcomed extra touch to the experience, making it a must listen/must-see gem for all music lovers. Enjoy!

It started with a loose lyric idea of ‘I learned more about love in tennis club than I ever did from you’ (since a score of zero in tennis is called “love”). Then I built out the song to keep – what I hope to be – an emotionally honest core, while encasing it with more tennis puns and a shimmering 80s synth-pop vibe instrumentally.


Location: Canada

To listen on Spotify click HERE


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