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“The Worst Part” by Dela Kay

Los Angeles-based indie singer/songwriter Dela Kay comes to us with the relatable sonic creation that is “The Worst Part”. With this utterly captivating and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she explores what it truly means to fall in love and open the entirety of yourself to somebody else. The track understands that it’s not easy to let our guards down and allow someone to see not just the good, but the flaws that are part of who we are. She embraces the wide array of feelings and emotions that storm inside us when we feel the symptoms of love and how we are going to need to show that we are not perfect. This truly a fantastic and absolutely inspiring and inviting soundscape, sure to become an instant fan favorite. So listen closely and fall pray to the raw magic of the must-listen gem that is “The Worst Part”. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“I feel like a lot of people can relate to this song. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they are, but we end up pushing people away for fear of being rejected when they see all of us- not just the good but also the flaws.

When the harsh reality is that we can’t experience the wonderful joys of falling in love without exposing ourselves to potential heartbreak. It’s really hard to let people in, especially after being hurt, but you have to remember- there is always beauty in pain, and sun after rain.

Dela Kay


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