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“3 A.M” by We Three

From the U.S. come the uber-talented siblings of We Three to give us a perfect musical adventure, say hello to “3 A.M”. With this fantastic and absolutely playful and catchy soundscape, they transport us to another reality, one where we can be wild and free. The track explores the reality of a late night that has already gotten to the point of no return and you simply decide to enjoy the ride that’s taking place. Something about the melodies and lyrics combine so perfectly with one another, caressing our senses and pulling us into the exquisite unknown that can be found within.

They embrace the sweet taste and magic found in making bad decisions and whisper in our ears that maybe we can find some pleasure in a 3 a.m joyride. So listen, see and let your imagination flow through this fantastic sonic adventure that has it all to be a must-listen/must-see gem for all music lovers. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“The song was inspired by a Friday night being like ‘don’t do this, this is not a smart decision, you need to keep your cool and not make any bad decisions.

As we all know alcohol can make you make bad decisions and then you get to a certain point and you’re like ‘screw it’. There’s no going back at that point. But there’s no judgement in the song either. If you were just goofy and having a good time and made a few bad decisions I will never judge you in the morning. Unless you’re a total asshole.

Manny Humlie of We Three


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