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“More Than I Deserve” by FERGUS

UK-based indie singer/songwriter FERGUS comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the sonic creation that is “More than I deserve”. With this gentle and refreshingly haunting stripped version, he delivers a track that feels bittersweet yet holds so much hope and magic within. The track caresses our senses as it explores the reality of love without letting the fantasies always sold take over, therefore painting a picture so much more human and true. There’s something about it that understands that being in a relationship needs dedication and willingness to grow and embrace each other as individuals and as a team. This story he is telling as everything to become a vivid and raw reflection of life, love and all that’s needed to make it work. So listen closely and fall in love with this exquisite dose of warm and magic that makes this an instant must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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” ‘More Than I Deserve’ was born out of conflict in a relationship. I wanted to convey that restless angst of turning things over and over in your mind, trying to find a way through that conflict. It’s a song about commitment and persevering, even though it hurts. So, although it sounds dark and painful, really, it’s a message of dedication and hope. A declaration of love.”



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