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“Empty” by The Day

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie band The Day with the honest and powerful sonic creation that is “Empty”. With this refreshing and absolutely inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the harsh truths that roam in this world in a way that is quite refreshing and inviting. They explore how the media has turn from truth to sell lies that push political agendas, how big companies have taking a hold of our lives to sell us a fantasy that we are slowly eating away and how life is not as colorful as we are told it is. They understand that sadly we are our own worst enemies and have turned our own creations (money, greed, religious beliefs, etc) into the only things that motivate us and drive us to push..forward…no…it’s seems more like backwards.

So listen, see and explore this passionate dose of truth and honest feelings and emotions that they crafted in such a wonderful fashion. Fall prey to the exquisite touch of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands

To listen on Spotify click HERE


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