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“Digital Love” by Larkins

From the UK comes one of the most talented bands not only of that fantastic country but of the world, say hello to Larkins and “Digital Love”. They take a track that’s already a hit (Originally introduced to the world by French legends Daft Punk) and give it a life of its own as they paint a picture that is so personal and haunting. The path taken for the visuals goes along perfectly with the way in which the soundscape has been given life, making the experience so complete and perfect. There’s a sweet touch of something magical yet universal and true about this track that just speaks to you and pulls you in. They truly have crafted an absolute must-listen/must-see gem that covers all the bases and makes you fall in love with the tale that unfolds within. So listen, see and escape into this reality that have created with such care and warmth. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE


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