“Movement” by Jackson Dyer ft. James Chatburn

From Germany comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Jackson Dyer in collaboration with James Chatburn to give life to “Movement”. With this exquisite and refreshingly ethereal blend of melodies and lyrics, they transport us to another reality, one that can only be found within this track. The vocals caress our senses and gently pull us to feel the magic that lies hidden within this mesmerizing soundscape. There’s something about this track that feels so freeing and absolute hypnotizing as you simply dive into the unknown that is part of it.

So listen closely and allow these verses to speak to you and invite you to explore a fantasy world that is unlike anything else, making this a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“Sometimes, “achieving nothing” is a crucial part of the process, sometimes you need to run into walls in order to find a way around them. All in all, it was super enjoyable writing and finishing this song, and James’ production skills really shine on this track.”

Jackson Dyer

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