“I Guess I’ll End up Being One of Those People You Used as Well” by VANT

The uber-talented Mattie Vant aka VANT comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the personal sonic creation that is “I guess I’ll end up being one of those people you used as well”. With this refreshingly down-to-earth and raw tale, he gives us a welcomed peak into his own heart and soul in a way that is simply so beautiful. The track unfolds with such grace and humanity that you can’t help but be in awe as it comes alive and takes over your senses and imagination. There’s something about this soundscape that offers us an invitation to take a front row seat and simply embrace this story that he is telling us.

So listen closely and dive in as the track becomes one with the airwaves that surround us, giving an absolute must-listen gem for all music lovers. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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