“Silent Treatment” by Ohlayindigo

From Norway comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Ohlayindigo with the ethereal sonic creation that is “Silent Treatment”. With this gentle and absolute intoxicating union of pop and electronica, she offers us a chance to escape from reality and find peace within this world she has created. The melodies and lyrics become one with such perfect and warm magic, allowing the message behind the track to really speak to us all. She explores what it means to heal and to be patient in a way that is so unique and so surreal yet relatable from start to end. There’s something about this soundscape that is absolutely fantastic and mesmerizing, letting us find a place that we can call home within it as our senses unfold and embrace the warm touch of her voice. So listen closely and dive into this contemporary and absolutely beautiful must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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