“Lazy” by Lone Laveer

From the UK comes the indie-pop ensemble Lone Laveer and their latest catchy sonic creation, say hello to “Lazy”. With this refreshingly youthful and instantly relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, they paint a picture so personal to them and us. The track flows with ease, caressing our senses and exploring the reality behind modern romance in a way that is down-to-earth and more in tune with what really goes down. They explore the small guilty pleasures and shared experiences that make relationship so unique to each and every pair (or throuple or any variation you are a part of). The soundscape comes to us in a way that makes so easy and natural to simply connect the dots and let come alive with a vivid and mesmerizing touch. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet touch magic that makes this an absolute must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“I like being honest about what realistic romance looks like, from modern comforts to guilty pleasures, and I think this song is a testament to that.”

Ed Gibson of Lone Laveer

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