“All Things Down To You” by Lapels

From the UK comes an utterly exciting and rebellious ensemble of talented individuals that the world will know as Lapels with their latest track, “All things down to you”. The guys come to us with a refreshing dose of contemporary and old school British rock that is quite personally, one of my favorite sounds out in the music world. They hold in their hands a sound and style that is quite cool and hypnotizing sure to pull people in and invite everyone to enjoy the magic that they are sure to offer.

Now, speaking of their latest sonic offering, it can simply summarized as a fantastic showcase of indie rock sounds that are inspiring and mesmerizing from start to end. The verses flow with ease, caressing your senses with such a passionate and gentle touch that it just knows how to connect with you and feed you with the right serving of motivation and energy. The track serves as a welcomed tale of perseverance and understanding that your dreams are in your hands and only you can make the true.

Sit down and listen closely to this fantastic and absolutely mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics that is “All things down to you”. So are we fans yet? Sure we are, and now we explore more of this fantastic soundscape they have crafted making it an absolute must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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