“In My Dreams” by Jen North

From the UK comes the talented indie goddess Jen North with the bittersweet sonic tale of “In My Dreams”. With this gentle yet heart wrenching blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the power of memories and the sadness of loss in a way that is endearing and quite warm. The track aims to understand a way in which one can use those moments that will never leave us as a tool to find healing and comfort. The soundscape flows with such sweet magic that it instantly speaks to you and caresses not only your senses but also your heart and soul. There’s something about the experience that is uniquely gratifying and beautiful that it just pulls you in and whispers sweet words that make you smile and feel at ease. So listen closely and explore the mesmerizing touch of this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“The title track is super important to me. It emerged from the idea that even when someone is gone forever, you can still find them in your dreams, which is comforting. It’s about those moments between the pain, where you find solace and hope.”

Jen North

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