“For the Moment” by Reuben Hester

The uber-talented Reuben Hester is back at the lands of the Wolf in a Suit and he brings forth the sonic creation that is “For the moment”. With this exquisite and absolutely intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, he invites us to break free and find something special and unknown within it. The soundscape unfolds with such passion and an honest set of feelings and emotions that just hit so deep and so true to all who listen. The track flows with ease, caressing our senses and giving us a chance to escape from the constraints that at times hold us back as we find a sense of peace and truth inside each and every verse.

So listen closely and dive into this realm that he has crafted with such passion and care that it’s sure to fill you with awe and inspiration. Fall prey to this contemporary and absolutely fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“I would like to think of this song as my breaking free anthem! Breaking the chains of all the heavy weight I’ve been carrying around for the past few years. Id like to think people can also relate to this in their very own unique way and take on its story in whatever way perceived.“

Reuben Hester

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