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‘Subject to Change’ by Katelyn Tarver

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The uber-talented and multifaceted indie goddess Katelyn Tarver comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and this with the fantastic album that is ‘Subject to Change’. With this beautifully crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us all a chance to explore a variety of worlds that aim to speak to our hearts and souls. Her approach to pop is so unique and warm that it honestly serves us all a much-welcomed dose of humanity that at times feels lacking within this musical genre. She aims to paint picture that could perfectly connect with each other yet also manages to shine separately as each tale takes shape and form and pulls us in.

There’s something about the way in which each track comes together that simply plays with our senses and imagination while making us turn into the main character in each of them. She makes sure to to not only offer us the musician but also the storyteller that lives within her, really finding a place to call home within our imagination. Her voice is gracious and inviting from start to end, allowing us to bring down our walls and just explore these worlds that she has created with such vivid and magical touch.

‘Subject to Change’ is an absolutely amazing album that showcases various subjects with such maturity and tact that it just hits so true and so deep with all who listen. The approach taken with each soundscape is one that is rare to find within a Freshman album, but it definitely is a welcomed surprise for all music lovers. She caresses the fragile nature of our human existence with an understanding that is simply awe-inspiring and so pure.

So listen closely to this utterly mesmerizing and intoxicating body of work that serves to let us know that Katelyn is a force nature bound to shine beautifully in the music industry. She’ll make you smile, cry, scream and shout as each one of her soundscapes become as much yours as they are hers from the moment you press play. Enjoy!

My personal favorites from ‘Subject to Change’:

  1. “Nicer”
  2. “At The Same Time”
  3. “Shit Happens”
  4. “Hurt Like That”


Fun fact about Katelyn Tarver

*She is an accomplished actress and for some of her work you can check her IMDb profile HERE

*To purchase ‘Subject to Change’ album click HERE

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I think a lot of us go through that phase in life where you ask yourself, ‘Is this it?’ It can be so isolating and so hard to talk about, especially with social media and all the pressure to always have your shit together.

Life is unpredictable. For all the stories of triumph and resilience, there are just as many stories of failure and getting lost. The addict relapses. The happy couple gets divorced. The one you’ve put on a pedestal lets you down. Finding the love of your life doesn’t solve your problems.

You know the expression, the only way out is through? These songs are me making my way through. Giving myself permission to not have the answers. Letting myself feel it all. The pain, the joy, the confusion, the bittersweet in-between…I learned that uncertainty can be an open door. And that change is a constant invitation I want to learn to accept.”

— Katelyn Tarver, Singer/Songwriter/Actress

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