“Potions” by LEAP

An interview was originally planned for this feature but I got overly excited and just had to share this sonic masterpiece by LEAP, say hello to “Potions”. With an exquisite and absolutely mesmerizing capacity to open up his heart and soul, the lead singer tells a story that is so personal yet manages to connect in a way that is so human and so deep. Not only is the track beautifully written, but the instrumental arrangement has it all to house it the right way, and really pull you in and give you front row seats to what’s happening inside this realm.

The track track flows with ease, caressing our senses and really speaking to us in a manner that is sure to leave something behind after the song ends. The visual are performance focused and really bring it all together, inviting to us not only explore this story but enjoy a fantastic show…courtesy of LEAP. I might sound like a broken record, but this track came in out of nowhere and became an absolute personal favorite of mine and reminded that maybe a best of the year feature should be done.

So dive into this visual/sonic adventure and allow the honest and raw emotions of these verses to connect with you and serve the most amazing must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy the inspiring track that is “Potions”!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

“Potions is a song I wrote about addiction and the different vices people take to escape their own disturbed thoughts. Feeling disconnected from the world and the people around me is something I’ve struggled with living with bi polar leading me to different forms of self medication but using music as an outlet has helped me conquer some of these demons. I hope anyone out there struggling can take something positive away from the song”


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