“New Friends” by jo next door

Up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter jo next door comes to Wolf in a Suit with her fantastic debut single, say hello to “New Friends”. With this refreshing and uniquely crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores what it means to start college and realize that life changes when this happens in the middle of a pandemic. The track is sure to ring true to many of the younger visitors of this site and those who are older as well but each in their own unique way. There’s something so bittersweet yet so true about this transition from teenager to young adult that gives way to new relationships being born and older ones sadly dying out.

It’s a perfectly crafted coming of age tale that is so beautifully and poetically human and raw that it’s sure to connect in one way or another. So listen closely and dive into this fantastic must-listen gem she has crafted with such care and warmth. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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