“Without Me” by Sasa Zola

From the UK comes the uber-talented Sasa Zola with the ethereal bittersweet sonic creation that is “Without Me”. With this perfectly balanced blend of melodies and lyrics, she invites us to escape into a world bound to grab a hold of our hearts and souls. Her voice is as smooth as silk and flows with such natural vibrancy and warmth that just caresses your soul and instantly pulls you in. The soundscape is stunning from start to end and reminds us of the tumultuous adventure that is love, life and all that is in between. There’s something about the experience that offers us a cinematic and lush escape from reality that will remind you what love and heartbreak feels like.

So listen closely and dive into the unknown of this sonic ambrosia she has crafted with infinite care and welcomed understanding. Fall in love with the sweet touch of this contemporary must-listen gem and enjoy the ride that awaits.

Location: United Kingdom

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