“Love Turns Lonely” by Sophie Simmons

The uber-talented singer/songwriter Sophie Simmons comes to Wolf in a Suit with the stunning bittersweet tale of “Love Turns Lonely”. With this refreshingly catchy and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a story that explores the sad reality of a love nearing it’s end. The track comes together with an raw and instantly relatable mix of feelings and emotions that simply hit the spot and invite you to be part of this realm that she has crafted. Her voice is absolute perfection and guides us through this sad yet absolutely hypnotizing story that understands the fragile nature of the human experience in regards to love. So listen closely and let your senses and imagination fall prey to this fantastic must-listen gem that Sophie has crafted with such care and sweet magic. Enjoy!

Record Label: Physical Presents

Location: USA

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Love Turns Lonely‘ is my first solo release in a long time. I took a break from releasing to focus on writing for other artists. It was a very organic way to get back into artistry. I wrote it with three of my closest friends, and I think you can hear the love in it. ‘Love Turns Lonely‘ is about a fizzling relationship; where the partner in the song is being a bit distant and dramatic. The narrator is lost and the love they had is slowly turning to loneliness.

Sophie Simmons

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