“Quarterlife” by The Famous Daxx

Munich-born/London-based indie singer/songwriter The Famous Daxx comes to Wolf in a Suit with the relatable sonic creation that is “Quarterlife”. With this haunting approach, she opens up and lets us take a peak inside what lies within her heart and soul. The verses flow with ease, painting a picture so true, so human and so refreshingly inviting and easy for us to see ourselves. She takes care of the flow of the soundscape, making sure the melodies and lyrics complement each other perfectly and that we as listeners, feel the raw nature of this tale. She understands that when growing up, there’s always moments and questions that arise that make us feel lost and out of place.

So listen closely and let her guide you through this world that is so hers but also feels so ours. Listen, connect and enjoy the ride that awaits within this contemporary must-listen gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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