“Nada” by lofacil

From Spain comes the fantastic indie duo lofacil with the ethereal and absolutely riveting sonic creation that is “Nada”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics they embrace pop and electronica in a way that is so refreshingly unique and hypnotizing from start to end. The track unfolds beautifully into our reality and grabs a hold of us with such firm grasp that we can’t help but fall prey to it’s gentle fire. The way in which the verses come one after the other is surreal and instantly mesmerizing, providing our senses with an escape from the norm into a place that invites us to feel and be true.

There’s a sense of sadness that makes this soundscape its home and offers us a moment of enlightenment as it pulls us in. So listen closely and pay attention for this track is not only magic but an absolute must-listen gem for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: Spain

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