“Free Your Mind” by Chloe Rodgers

From the UK comes one of the brightest talents I’ve had the pleasure to hear in the recent years, say hello to Chloe Rodgers and “Free Your Mind”. With this exquisite and absolutely inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the reality of loss in a way that is quite endearing and positive. The track takes a different route from most and reminds us that loss is not only sadness but remembrance and letting those gone be a part of you from now until forever. The soundscape is gentle and utterly mesmerizing from start to end, making for a truly fascinating sonic experience.

There’s something about it that just brings peace to your senses and puts a smile in your face while letting you be part of this tale she has crafted. So listen closely and dive into the sweet unknown that makes this track so magical and so hypnotizing, while earning the label of must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“’Free Your Mind’ is a happy song. It’s about staying positive and embracing change, how things evolve over time and we lose people in different ways but hold a piece of everyone we’ve ever loved with us. I wanted to dedicate it to my dad because of something difficult he’s had to go through recently. I couldn’t be happier with the way the track has turned out. Love the percussion in the chorus. I also love playing this track live as we change part of the song slightly to give it a different feel.”

Chloe Rodgers

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