“Truthfully” by The Moving Stills

From the warm Australian lands come the uber-talented guys of The Moving Stills with the ethereal sonic tale of “Truthfully”. With this gentle and absolutely inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a story so vivid and so hypnotizing from start to end. The soothing charm of this absolute modern-day masterpiece is so refreshing to find nowadays and offers us a chance to escape from reality. There’s something about this soundscape that is so playful, so fun and yet so absolutely relatable and down-to-earth making the experience so human and true. So listen closely as the track takes over the airwaves that surround you and within seconds earns the label of must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“Truthfully, is the defining moment in a new relationship where you stop playing little mind games and just get to the point. The early days are fun and exciting, but then you have to decide… ‘are we in or out?’. Opening up and being honest with each other, saying: ‘this is who I am… take me or leave me.’ You put yourself out there, and the possibility of rejection is scary. All you can do is be honest and true.” 

Mike of The Moving Stills

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