“Wolves” by Tom A. Smith

Up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter Tom A. Smith comes to Wolf in a Suit with the personal sonic creation that is “Wolves”. The talented artist embraces the raw blend of feelings and emotions that make a home of the verses and really hits home with all who listen. His voice is perfection and so unique to the region (UK) as it offers that balance between being emotional, rebellious and honest without a shadow of a doubt. There’s something about this track that just pulls you in and makes you see the reality of life through his eyes while opening yours to what lies outside your door.

His debut single is a breath of fresh air and makes for an instant must-listen gem sure to be a classic among his growing number of fans. So listen, escape into this soundscape and embrace the passion and magic of this fantastic sonic adventure. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“I wrote ‘Wolves’ during a time when I felt that the vulnerable were being neglected, and in my opinion nothing much has changed.”

Tom A. Smith

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