“Harmless Fun” by Belot

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Belot comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the catchy sonic creation that is “Harmless Fun”. With this playfully inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, she invites us to explore the lighter side of life and to break free and have some fun. There’s something about this track that just puts you in a good mood as your face instantly gives life to a smile that is sure to stay even after the song ends. The soundscape has it all to let your imagination fly freely through the airwaves that surround us and give life to an inspiring tale. The track understands that life is not all about being serious and mature, but also we need to escape from this and just have a little bit of fun. So listen closely and explore the sweet magic of this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Harmless fun came about during the first lockdown in the UK. I found myself binge watching Modern Family, and it led me to this idea. The concept was essentially: What if the Dad character Phil Dunphy turned up to a conference thinking it was going to be a very legitimate and educational work conference and then all of a sudden he sees a whole bunch of businessmen absolutely hammered. He swiftly realises this is an adult version of spring break. The song is about giving in to the lighter side of life, and not being afraid to let your hair down. After all that’s what life is about, having fun!”


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